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hello everyone! I'm john egbert, and I'm here to answer any questions you have for me. so feel free to ask anything!
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Yeah, I think it’s time I stop kidding myself.

I really did like this blog, as well as the other two which will also show this message. But after thinking about it, they’ve just become impractical. I don’t get many asks nowadays, I’ve been unable to manage them recently, and they just made things so much more complicated for me. 

I’ve just gotten tired of the voice ask blog thing, doing the same voices with the same basic routines over and over again. Plus it’s just running my inspiration for the characters dry, let alone clogging my audio folder with tons of answer recordings.

So unfortunately, I think it’s best that I move on from these 3 blogs. It was fun while it lasted, and I’m so glad I could entertain at least a few people with them.

I won’t delete any of these blogs, cuz I’m sure some people will wanna go back and listen to the stuff on them. But if you want to keep in touch with my voice acting work, make sure to follow my main blog Here.

I’m really sorry to let you guys down, but I think it’s for the best. I hope you guys understand, and continue to follow my work over on my main. Thank you all so much for the love and appreciation you gave me for these blogs, you all made them worth the effort.

==> Follower: Abscond

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OOC: Hiatus update!


(I will reblog this on my other voice blogs)

Hey everyone! I thought I should update these blogs about their hiatus, which hopefully will be ending soon, so lets get to explaining:

So as I mentioned in the previous post for these blogs, the hiatus is mainly due to lots of stuff needing to have been taken care of in this general time, primarily the school play I’m a part of and a huge-ass voice collab i’ve been working on.

Well in terms of those two items, i can first declare that the voice collab is no longer an obstacle, as I finally got it completed last night! So if you want to, go check that out here.

And for the school play, it is still something that is taking up a fairly large part of my time with rehearsals and the sort. However, this won’t be for long, because the show is next friday and saturday!

And so because of this, I would say for now that the hiatus for these blogs will most likely be ending some time around the week of November 18th! Now I say that because while i clearly don’t have a lot of asks piled up (which i was hoping for, but alas), i still of course have a fair few to do now. So once the show is done and dusted on the 16th and 17th, what i will do is i will be recording asks for these blogs, but I’ll be putting them on queue to be posted over a few days.

Once all that’s clear, I will do a cleaning of my inboxes, removing any old asks, long chains of messages that don’t need to be there, or anything else i find is just clogging up space. Then hopefully I’ll have things back into action like normal!

Thank you all so much for your patience, and thank you to all those new followers i have not seen until now, I really can’t wait to get these blogs back into routine. So just sit tight, and things should be back to normal real soon :)

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Hey everyone! I realized that i havent been updating any of my 3 voice blogs in a while, and I am really really sorry for that!! I’ve been getting home late more often lately because of rehearsals for my school play, so I just havent gotten myself to punching out more asks for these blogs. Plus I’ve still been working on this vice collab for my main account, and i still have comic dubs i wanna do after that, so unfortunately, I can’t really say for sure when I’ll next update, I could find time over some weekend, or i may wait until after the show, but I just wanna say how sorry i am for my laziness.

I promise these blogs aren’t dead, it’d take a lot more laziness for that to happen. But unfortunately due to stuff piling up at the moment, consider these blogs on a mini-hiatus. I’m really sorry for all this, thank you all for still following and stuff, and I promise i’ll update these blogs as soon as i can. In the meantime, send me asks to answer for when i get back to doing them!

Like i said there, sorry about this!

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Q: So john, what was Halloween like for you? What was the thing you dressed up as the most, and how much sweet SWEET candy did you rake in? -koysta

A: for the longest time my dad just got me those crappy halloween store costumes, like the ones that are so generic it just pulls all the fun out of it. but when i was around 10, my dad got me this crazy awesome ghostbusters costume! it had the proton pack and everything!

of course he did kinda ruin the purpose of it by making me wear a jacket over it when i went trick or treating so i didn’t get cold. 

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I don’t have any asks for john at the moment, so please send some over! I’ve been way to inactive and i need to pick up the pace

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Q: So, what kind of school does Casey go to? She does go to school right? -Anonymous

A: school is kind of important, ill give you that, but just a reminder: im just a kid and shes a salamander. not so easy to get that into a school.

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Q: yo sup this is dave you mind if i swipe 20 boonbucks for pizza of course you dont ok cool thanks dude dont forget to use condoms see you later

A: -unintelligible disgruntlement-


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OOC: Why i have been inactive on all 3 of my voice blogs


Well, to quote zefrank:

“I’m sick and I’m gonna be a big baby about it. *blows raspberries*”

Yeah, I got a cold and I’ve been hacking my lungs up, schnirking to no end, and feeling like a big pile of dung.

But I promise that as soon as this cold passes, and it will, I will do my very best to make up for lost time!

Sorry to all of you for the inconvenience, but no voice = No voice acting

So yeah, please be patient, and thanks for that in advance!

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Q: How do you alleviate boredom when you’re on a ship for three years? -midnighttoons

A: oh it’s simple.


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